BetaRho Engineering is fabricating quality components using Plaztuff™ modified polymer sheet. This product is a high tensile industrial grade polymer which is corrosion resistant and can provide significant weight savings when used to substitute steel or stainless steel.

Components are constructed using the latest extrusion welding technology resulting in a durable product that can reduce weight and stand the test of time in most environments.


marine waste tankCustom shaped and sized tanks can be constructed to maximise utilisation of space in boats and caravans etc.


High Slip Truck Deck LinerHyslip™ is a Plaztuff™ product designed to minimise the coefficient of friction preventing hang-ups and decreasing tip angle when installed as truck deck liners.


Hyspec Polymer Truck Bodies

This waste collection truck increased payload by reducing tare weight when substituting traditional steel fabrication for Plaztuff™ Hyspec™ fabrication.


Boat lifter dry dockPlaztuff™ products will not corrode in salt water and has stood the test of time protecting boats in applications such as this dry dock boat lifter.


Water TankerApproved by the FDA Plaztuff™ is safe for food and pharmaceutical applications and will not taint drinking water.